Who We Are

Pathways for Kids was founded in 1998 to empower San Francisco’s underserved youth by exposing them to career opportunities through worksites visits, mentoring and motivational programs, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, investing and capital-building. Many of our kids have no idea what careers and opportunities exist and if they do, don’t believe they have a chance to achieve them. Pathways for Kids is committed to changing that perception.

Our career oriented field trip programs encourage students to develop professional skills, pursue higher education and choose successful and meaningful careers. Pathways For Kids provides access to these local companies for students who are enrolled in the SFUSD.

The sponsors represent a broad spectrum of disciplines including accounting, advertising, broadcasting, education, government, high tech, law enforcement, real estate, the arts, nursing, sales, architect, social services and many more.

This program has been built with a strong commitment from the local business community and host school partnerships. Since our inception as a non-profit we have worked with over 15,000 students.