About Pathways For Kids

pathways250Pathways for Kids serves to empower San Francisco’s Underserved, Inner-City Youth by exposing them to career opportunities through Mentoring and Motivational Programs, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurialism, Investing, and Capital-Building.


Founded in 1998 by local business leader, Peter Dwares and like-minded board members, Pathways’ vision is to prepare inner city kids for both higher education and a variety of career options by involving them in career exploration activities – in class, after class, in the workplace and one-on-one – tapping their imagination and motivation and inspiring them to explore their own paths.

Through the ongoing recruitment of volunteer coaches, Pathways also advances philanthropy in our community as participants enjoy the opportunity to give back to the kids by sharing their own experiences.

To date, Pathways’ programs have served over 15,000 kids and we are significantly increasing our exposure every year.


“My name is Obadiah Mays and I attend Bridgemont High School. After participating in a Pathways for Kids tour in San Francisco’s financial district, I was able to broaden my outlook on future professions. The problem is that most teenagers don’t know what it is they want to do because the majority don’t have the opportunity to indulge in different career fields before declaring a major. However, I’ve been lucky enough to experience and gain insight into potential college majors and career choices because of Pathways for Kids. Through the organization, I toured the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in San Francisco, and there I discovered a profound love for the American justice system. After meeting Judges and U.S. Trustees I was able to gain an understanding of how the judicial and executive branches are intertwined with bankruptcy cases. I was so intrigued by the law aspects of it that when I got home I applied for a Constitutional Law class that takes place at Princeton University over the summer.

Pathways has introduced me, and many others, to new fields. The organization is a gateway for students to indulge in their prospective future. Trips help students narrow the search for the perfect major, assist them in building a better self-understanding, and shed light on unknown parts of the academic and career world. Pathways has given me the opportunity to experience what I never could on my own, and I look forward to the future it has helped inspire.”"